Prices and Process


1. I have a graduated fee structure for the services I provide as follows:

2. If the vehicle is purchased out of town, there will be transportation costs. We will discuss this prior to my purchasing your vehicle.

3. In order to protect your investment, I offer multiple warranty options. You can review them here.

4. I have competitive financing available to simplify the buying process if needed.

Pricing Example: 

$25000 auction price

   $600 auction fee

  $1750 fee @7%

   $750 reconditioning

   $550 freight average 

 $28650 total before taxes and tags


How do we get started? It is a 12 step process. (Yes a 12 step car buying program!!)

1. Let’s talk about your needs and budget to determine what vehicles will work best. It has worked best to go to and search for used cars knowing you can expect to buy the same year, make, & model for about $1000 less through me. Call me at 615-218-4101 when you have found some options.

2. Having established the best vehicle for you I will research and share with you auction market reports to
determine year and mileage ranges that fit your budget. (You will now be armed with more information
about your vehicle value than most car dealers!)

3. We will agree upon a wholesale target price and upper limit to pay at the auction.

4. Should you require financing I will help you arrange a pre-approval.

5. We will put our verbal agreements in writing on an Auto Sourcing Commitment form. Some items include
price, miles, color, equipment, condition, reconditioning expectations and comfort level, and previous paint
repair tolerance.

6. I will seek and buy your vehicle at the auction.

7. We will arrange to transport the vehicle to me.

8. I will present the vehicle for you to ensure it meets the criteria we agreed upon and you are satisfied.

9. I will recondition your new vehicle. 

10. We will complete the financial, tag, and title documents.

11. You will enjoy your savings and most importantly your new vehicle. And be secure in the knowledge you
got a great deal!!

12. Stay in touch and refer all your friends that Auto Sourcing makes sense for.