Services We Offer offers relationship-oriented service.

We specialize in performing all maintenance to Acura, Honda, and Toyota Factory standards. We use OEM fluids and parts where required. We are able to perform most repairs. Our prices are typically 30-50% less than new car dealership for the same services.

We sell tires and perform alignments. We are Hankook One, T3 Continental and General tire distributors. I can sell any brand you prefer but we can offer you valuable advise based on experience with Honda/Acura 

If you have TotalCare coverage and need to contact roadside assistance,

please contact them directly at 866-360-5831

If you do not have TotalCare coverage we have a Davidson County local tow flat fee of $70 arranged with Bailey's Wrecker Service 615-227-1283. **The cost is slighly higher from outside Davidson County.