Todd's Story

I think it’s important to know the guiding principles of the person you chose to place your trust in & spend your hard earned dollars with. I have written my “story” & goals here so you know the beliefs I operate from. Thanks for considering me to serve you in satisfying your vehicle needs.

I am Todd Wittbrodt, the owner & operator of I have been in the car business since 1985 (I was 15 years old). My first job in the car business was a car detailer. I worked in service & parts departments throughout my high school & college years. I graduated from Northwood University in Cedar Hill Texas in 1991 with a BBA. I had a dual major of marketing & management. Upon graduation I entered a career development program with the largest publicly held auto retailer in the US in South Florida. I worked for three dealerships they owned in the sales and the finance departments. I was offered a partnership opportunity to buy the Chrysler, Dodge, & Jeep dealership in Dickson Tennessee in 1996. We owned Harper’s Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep for nine years.

On January 5th 2004 my daughter (then four) told me she was sad that she rarely saw me & that she thought my business was more important to me than my family. On January 8th 2004 I started the process to sell the dealership. On June 15th 2004 we closed on the sale of the dealership to Sterling Marlin (yes the Nascar Driver!).

My original team at the West Nashville location. 

I was sure I never wanted to be in a business that consumed me like retail operation does & I was also clear that I did not want to be in a business where my clients are my adversary. With that vision, was started on October 1st 2004. In 2008 I secured a small warehouse in West Nashville to operate out of. We added a second warehouse for detail in 2009.

In 2010 I partnered with EasyCare (Honda’s warranty administrator) to launch an independent dealer certified program. It quickly became clear that I needed my own staff to administer the certification services. I hired my first technician to service my inventory in 2012. We had so many client requests for service after the sale we felt we should consider this as an official part of our business. In 2014 we added a second technician to provide service after the sale. In 2015 and 2018 we added third and fourth technicians and two more warehouses to keep up with the demand.

In 2021 we had to move our operation due to circumstances beyond our control. There were no locations in Davidson County that would allow a warehouse style sales and service operation, but we did find our current location just outside Davidson County, in Hendersonville. We moved to our new location in October 2021 and now provide all service, tires, and detail in one location.

New location

I primarily buy Honda Financial private consumer off lease inventory. I am blessed to have access to these units “upstream” before they are picked over and shipped to auctions. I obsessively service, detail, and warranty them. The industry calls this “Certified.”

I do not haggle as I am too busy to play pricing games.

I buy, inspect, advertise, answer calls, show, contract, & process the title work myself. Obviously I do this on an appointment only basis. I provide detailed descriptions, 50+ pictures (including defects pointed to!), our Certified inspection results, & a free Carfax on every car. I try to provide all the information online for you to know if the car is what you are looking for to save time.

I really do not want to waste your time or mine if the car is not going to suit your needs. We both have other things we prefer to do than waste time with a car that does not work for you.

Experience has proven that my way of doing business saves you money & time & provides me with a way to use my experience & knowledge to improve the quality of life for all concerned. I thank you for taking the time to support my dream! I pray we all are better off for having met.