What makes us different?


Northern and wrecked cars are worth less because they tend to have more problems over your time of ownership. Why would you buy one if you had a choice? If a car has never been wrecked and put back together you don't have to wonder if it was repaired properly. Many repairs look good to the eye but are not fixed correctly. Most of the ownership nightmares we hear about are with Northern and wrecked cars. The only way to know if a car was repaired properly is to own it and find out it can't be aligned, or has excessive noises, or items can't be repaired due to being repaired improperly. The risk is not worth the savings. They will always be worth less on trade also.

No Northern Cars with excessive salt exposure. Many of my competitors sell cars from New York - New Jersey - Pennsylvania etc. because they can buy them cheaper - check the CarFax carefully. Salt exposure may cause rust during the time you own it. Emissions systems and brake systems typically fail sooner and cost more to repair because of the salt exposure as well. We do buy cars from Florida. The salt in the air does not harm the paint since it has been galvanized, painted, and clear-coated. The real threat is from salted roads not the air.

No Repainted Metal Body Panels (doors, hood, fenders etc.) unless clearly disclosed in the exterior description. We use an Elcometer Paint Thickness Meter (a $600 tool) for positive verification. If we have a vehicle that has had paintwork, it must be professional and acceptable quality and again - we will clearly disclose it in the notes. If we claim a vehicle hasn’t been repainted – ask us to prove it to you.

No Replaced Metal Body Panels. All Honda and Acura vehicles ( and some other makes) have Vehicle Identification Numbers (V.I.N.) clearly posted in conspicuous locations. We check those numbers against the V.I.N. posted in the windshield and on the title. Ask me to show them to you.


We do not charge any Junk fees. No documentation fees, credit card fees, service fees, processing fees, trade-in fees, cash payment fees, shop fees, dealer fees, or prep fees. Many of our competitors will not disclose these hidden fees until the end of the buying process right before you sign. The ONLY additional costs to the listed price in purchasing a vehicle from us are taxes and a license plate “tag” (see below). Tennessee sales tax for vehicles is about 8%, and out of state buyers pay an additional .3% business tax ($3 per $1,000) only.


At Todd’s Car Team, we do your tag and title work for you as a courtesy. Most dealerships will charge a minimum of $500-$1,000 to complete tag (license plate) work and title work and call it a “processing fee” or “documentation fee.” We complete, drop-off, and pick-up the paperwork as a way of thanking you for doing business with us. Once your plate is in, we will ask you to stop by our shop and we will put it on for you, or mail it to you for your convenience. Our time and labor is FREE and your only costs are the direct/state costs we accrue:

Service With Lien Without Lien
New Plate (Sumner Co.) $105.00 $94.00
New Plate (Out of Co.) $54.00 $43.00
Plate Transfer $28.50 $17.50
$10 For 10-Day Temporary Tag


No haggle pricing or pricing games! We sell 90% of our cars within 30 days of marketing which tells us that our listed pricing is competitive and fair. We extensively research and thoughtfully price our vehicles based upon our above-average reconditioning standards and the other factors reviewed on this page. Our confidence in providing a free 100k PowerCare warranty and our client’s reviews speak for themselves. We just don't have time to play pricing games.

FRIENDLY TIP: Be sure to compare our prices (and standards) to our competitors' prices after all their junk fees are added (unfortunate fact: you will have to demand other dealers give you a total of fees to compare accurately).


At Todd’s Car Team we are known for our METICULOUS mechanical inspection and servicing standards. Every vehicle goes through a minimum of 3 test drives and a 182-point inspection. Following the inspection, any known service needs or predictable mechanical needs that are due in the next 10,000 miles are performed. Essentially, our goal is for you to have a turn-key experience with no foreseen wearable maintenance costs at your first oil change. Our average service ticket price is between $2,000-$4,000 miles and this is included in the vehicle cost.


Todd’s Car Team is known for our OBSESSIVE reconditioning standards. We are extremely detail oriented, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we welcome clients to tour our facility so they can see our work for themselves! Our process includes an extensive detail checklist, multiple quality control checks from our Sales team, removing plastic and sometimes even seats to every last possible crumb from its prior owner.

Overall, Todd’s Car Team goes above and beyond to think of every detail for you so that you can sit back and enjoy your vehicle worry-free. In saying that, vehicles break and things can happen! That's why it is so important to start your process with someone you can trust and we hope to provide some reassurance of why our EasyCare vehicle protection makes sense. We also have an expert group of automotive technicians that are happy to help you with your servicing needs if they arise.

Finally, every vehicle has free access to its CarFax report, initial inspection, and Todd’s Car Team service record. Above all, we encourage you to test drive your vehicle and welcome taking it to any other shop so they can confirm our expert technicians' inspection and services performed.


Certification is an industry used phrase that is often misunderstood. We think it is important to properly define what my program includes:

1. The cars should be better than average in title, mechanical, & cosmetic condition. There should not be cars with salvage history, frame damage, flood, or odometer fraud.

2. Meticulous reconditioning process that saves you money! All wearable items (for example brakes and tires) must have 10K miles life remaining. We perform all maintenance that is due in the next 10K miles.

3. The cars are obsessively detailed. Our goal is to make them look as if they were never dirty.

4. All vehicles come with significant 100k Powertrain Vehicle Protection Plans (VPPs) coverage. This VPP coverage is administered by EasyCare. Please see the EasyCare Vehicle Protection tab under Sales.