Service Request

Dear Family,

Effective immediately will be providing the option of pick up and drop off service for client appointments. This is in effort to provide service for those honoring the “Safer at Home” order. If leaving home for the fear of exposure is deterring you from getting services done on your vehicle we are here to help. Many of our clients have found this down time an excellent opportunity to get services, whether big or small, handled that would normally have fallen through the cracks in the midst of day-to-day life. Below you will find some helpful information about the efforts our team is taking to help you and your family have a safe and reliable vehicle but also stay healthy and happy.


Gloves: All technicians are washing hands before working on a vehicle. We are also wearing gloves and masks when inside your vehicle.


Health: Delivery drivers will wear gloves and minimize your needing to leave home and place yourself at increased risk of exposure.

Logistics: Improved schedule efficiency... We come to you.

Time: No more need wait with vehicle.

Rental: We deliver rental to you in the event one is needed. Rental cost $30/day.

Online scheduling: When submitting service appointment request on website just request delivery service.


Clients distance 10 miles or less: FREE

Clients distance 10-20 miles: $25 (covers our cost in labor)

Clients distance 20-50 miles: $50

The wonderful thing I’ve learned about family is that we stick together through thick and thin. I hope this letter finds your family growing stronger together like never before! We certainly know our family is stronger for having you in it. Please feel free to reach out to me at my contact information below if you have any questions. God bless!! 



Tyler Duncan

Service Manager,Lead Technician