OCD service & detail

ToddsCarTeam.com Certified…..OCD service, Detail, & warranty.

The ToddsCarTeam.com reconditioning team has worked hard to ensure that we go above and beyond to think of every detail for you so that you can sit back and enjoy your ToddsCarTeam.com Certified car worry-free. Check out what is included with every ToddsCarTeam.com Certified car that is sold. Quality Assurance: We’ve checked and double-checked your car to make sure it meets or exceeds the Industry Road-Ready inspection guidelines. We take your car through a comprehensive inspection to ensure it’s in tip-top shape before it can even be labeled ToddsCarTeam.com Certified.

Certification is an industry used phrase that is often misunderstood. I think it is important to properly define what my program includes:

1. The cars should be better than average in title, mechanical, & cosmetic condition. There should not be cars with salvage history, frame damage, flood, or odometer fraud.

2. They are currently serviced to be maintenance free for two oil change cycles. All wearable items (for example brakes and tires) must have 10K miles life remaining. We perform all maintenance that is due in the next 10K miles.

3. The cars are obsessively detailed. Our goal is to make them look as if they were never dirty.

4. All cars come with significant Powertrain warranty coverage. Most cars have warranty to 100K mi. This warranty coverage is administered by EasyCare. Please see the Powertrain coverage info at my EasyCare Warranty Tab via the link provided there. I offer the option to upgrade the coverage to TotalCare coverage (comprehensive) at wholesale prices if you are so inclined.