Zero fees

I do not charge any Junk fees. No document fees, dealer fees, or prep fees. I do your tag and title work for you as a courtesy.

The only additional cost is TT&L. You can estimate Tennessee sales tax at 8%. All tag fees include title transfer. Tags are $98 for new Sumner County residents, $43 for out of county residents. If you have a tag that is good for at least 60 days that is transferable it costs $18 to transfer. If you finance the car the state charges an additional $11 to record the lien.

I offer a 30 day drive out tag for $10 if you need one.

Out of state buyers pay .3% business tax ($3 per $1,000) only.

I do not accept Paypal or credit cards. Only Certified Funds, Institutional Financing checks and cash are accepted. Personal checks are accepted with pre-approval only.